Guest Blog Posts from Rick Kaselj

I just wanted to list of some of the guest blog posts that I have done.

Muscle Imbalances

Muscle Pain Relief – 3 Things Overlooked in Muscle Imbalances posted on The Personal Trainer Development Center

Muscle Imbalances Revealed: IT’S HERE!! IT’S HERE!!! post on Dean Somerset

Exercises to Avoid Injury

Move It or Lose It – Troy Pesola of Cube Dweller Fitness

If Your Goal is to Build Muscle or Gain Strength, Then Prehab is a Necessity – Project Swole

4 Tips to Avoiding Injury when Starting a Weight Loss Program on Turbulence Training

Rotator Cuff

3 Common Rotator Cuff Training Mistakes posted on Body Synergy Training

3 Common Rotator Cuff Mistakes Q&A posted on Body Synergy Training

Knee Injuries

High Heel Could Be Causing Your Knee Pain – Working Mom Workouts

Rick Kaselj, MS