How Slow Can You Go? For Disabilities or Elderly

We received many questions related to whether or not the elderly or those with a disability can use our programs. We’d like to address this question that has come up on Facebook Fan Page. The question came from Mo saying,

Are your programs slow enough for someone with disabilities or the elderly?

And the quick answer is yes.

Here are 4 explanations as to why and how our program is fit for someone with disabilities or the elderly.

#1 – We have specific target patients

The main program of Unlock Your Hip Flexors is designed for anyone struggling with hip tightness or hip pain.

#2 – We offer Exercise Swaps

People are also asking if there are alternative exercises that they can do from the main program. We have created an exercise program videos so it goes through all the exercises in the main program of Unlock Your Hip Flexors and it gives you alternatives that you can do. Exercises that are easier, less stressful, or even more challenging based on the exercise in the main program. So when you get Unlock Your Hip Flexors what you’ll receive is a bonus with that exercise swap video. If you don’t see it, you can contact our customer support team at

#3 – We’re always constantly updating our program

We have a lot of questions about hip replacement, what exercises are effective and helpful, or do we have some routine that you can do that doesn’t involve being on the floor. And the answer is yes. We just recently filmed a routine specifically for standing and that is “Hip Replacement Safe”.

#4 – We offer a Digital or Physical version of the program

There are 2 options to the program, the Digital or the Physical version. The great thing about the digital version is you can watch that in any device like your phone, tablet, computer, or your TV. You can watch and go through with the routine and rewind the video to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. You can watch the instructional video where it goes through things in detail or you can go through the follow along routine when it comes to the main program.

You also have the option to get the physical version. You will get a printed manual where you can see the exercises, the start and end position, the exercise descriptions, and the exercise sets and repetitions so you can refer to them to make sure you’re doing things correctly and in the correct order. There is also a DVD that comes along with it so you can put it in your DVD player and watch it on your computer or TV.


Take care,

Rick Kaselj, MS