Safe for Hip Replacement?

We had a question that has come into the Facebook fan page and it has to do with total hip replacement.

Charlotte J asked, “Is the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program okay for someone with a total hip replacement?

The quick answer is “yes” but there’s also a “but” to it. The “but” is, it depends on the type of surgery you’ve had, the technique, device used, and your surgeon. We suggest that you check with your surgeon on the guidelines they suggested for you when it relates to things you can and can’t do.

There are general guidelines that I follow with someone in designing an exercise program after they have had hip replacement surgery. These are the guidelines that I take into consideration or try to avoid right after hip replacement surgery.

#1 – Do Not have the Knee Past 90 Degrees.

You don’t want the knee past the hip. You’re not very often in this movement or position; however, be conscious and avoid going beyond 90 degrees when bending the knee towards your hip.

#2 – Do Not Cross the Leg from the Midline.

Avoid crossing your legs whether sitting or standing. This is a position that puts a lot of stress on that total hip replacement. Another example is if you sit down and cross the leg over, that also puts a lot of stress on that hip replacement. So we want to eliminate that.

#3 – Do Not Rotate the Thigh or Leg In and Out.

That’s another movement that puts a lot of stress on the total hip replacement. Another example that you might do is another leg crossing bringing the knee out. Now we’re really focusing on the rotation of the hip which we want to avoid.

#4 – Do Not Put All of Your Weight on the Leg.

If you have a total hip replacement on the left hip, do not put all of your weight on that leg. Another example would be kneeling, as it puts all of your weight on that knee and that’s what we want to prevent.

Things change after about 6 weeks post-surgery. Some people are able to incorporate those 4 movements after the 6 weeks. So, I would check with your surgeon and your surgeon will let you know, looking at those 4 things where you’re at, how you’ve progressed, how you’ve healed, how you’ve strengthened after the surgery. And they will let you know what you can and cannot do.

Looking at specifically the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, there are few of the exercises that are not appropriate for people that have a total hip replacement. When you’re looking at or going through the exercises, consider the 4 things that I just highlighted when going through the exercises.

Now based upon your feedback on the program and your question, what I’m going to put together is a specific workout for the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program that is targeting and helpful to those with a total hip replacement. And that will be an additional program to the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, but there won’t be NO EXTRA FEE. It’ll just be an extra bonus that we add to the program. So watch out for it soon!

Take care,

Rick Kaselj