The Most Common Women’s Health Struggles of Today

A lot of us suffer from what can be termed as lifestyle diseases. These are condition related to being overweight, stressed and fatigued. However, the way these problems present themselves may differ between men and women. This is because women undergo a monthly hormonal cycle where there is a period of ovulation and a period of menstruation. This cycle also affects the daily fluctuations of their stress and metabolic hormones, i.e. cortisol and insulin. Meanwhile, men operate mainly on just a 24-hour cycle determined by hormones like cortisol and testosterone. For these reasons, the most common women’s health problems require a different approach in terms of evaluation and treatment.

Nutritionist Samantha Gladish is an expert when it comes to women’s hormonal health issues. In her practice, she sees the most common current health struggles women undergo. Not surprisingly, many women come in complaining about their weight problems. Although weight is an issue that both sexes suffer from, women might be affected differently because of some deeper issues that need proper examination. For example, underlying thyroid problems, insulin and blood-sugar imbalances and cortisol issues can explain why they struggle to lose weight.

On a related note, stress itself is a very common problem affecting women’s – and men’s overall health. However, women may express it differently and even deny that she is dealing with a lot of stress. Yet once they reveal how they go about their daily routines including their eating patterns and sleep cycles, as well as how they react to certain situations, the evidence becomes clear that they are indeed stressed out.

As mentioned, a lot of women’s health problems are related to their monthly hormonal cycles. Some women will complain of pain or excessive bleeding during their periods and think these are just part of a normal cycle when it might actually indicate something more serious. Some women who are trying to conceive will report with symptoms of infertility. These may be caused by something like polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Therefore, for any woman dealing with problems regarding weight, diet, stress or their monthly cycle, it would be most prudent to consult someone who really knows the hormonal difference between the sexes and who knows how to properly evaluate a woman’s underlying hormonal issues in relation to the problems they are manifesting.

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